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It would be easier to explain what life isn’t rather than what it is.  Life isn’t fair or unfair; nor is it indifferent.  So that leaves life is neutral; life doesn’t pick on people nor does it favor a certain person.  So that leaves me to believe that life isn’t a being.  Life is life.  What you make of life is what you get back.  So now that I think of it life could be a sort of mirror.

Our attitude, believes and actions create the life we have today.   In other words what we did in the past has led us to this moment in time.  We created our present from what we did in the past.  So really life is a reflection of our past errors, triumphs, thoughts, and actions.  Life is a mirror of our own choices.  I like that, because it means that we have control over how our life goes.

What do you think?  Is life a mirror?

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world.



Our life reflections our choices


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10 thoughts on “Life is…

  1. thanku for the lovely insights: )

  2. Yes, I agree. It’s not what happens to us that defines us as a person, it’s how we respond to it. I’m a mental health therapist.

    We might respond to things differently based on how we were taught to cope, what was modeled for us by our parents, etc. Or, we might have a strong instinct to make certain choices. Some of us are hard wired to be positive and deal with things more effectively. Others are not so lucky and are hard wired to curl up and want to die. It’s a mixed bag, really. I do think we all have the potential to be happy, to find joy and to define ourselves in ways that will help us to thrive. : )
    Sorry for the ramble! ha!

    • You may “ramble” anytime – I enjoy your comments. I also think that we are hardwired to react in certain ways. I also think with much effort we can change the way we react. I personally work hard to choose to be happy and be a positive force for good.

  3. I got so busy fetching a quote I forgot to mention my like of this statement you make.”Life isn’t fair or unfair; nor is it indifferent.” I recall a Shakespeare line similar, okay I don’t recall, I think I remember that I forgot a line similar.

  4. Choices certainly illuminate our lives and alter our reflection. A quote I over use, “When we make a choice today, we are deciding who we will be tomorrow.” – AW Tozer

  5. While I agree with you to some degree, I disagree that life is ONLY made of our choices. For example, if you get cancer and have never smoked a cigarette in your life, that was not a choice that altered your life due to your own choices. Likewise if you are in a car accident that involved a drunk driver, you can’t say that the reason you become a parapalegic is your choice. If however, you chose one job over another and have had success, then yes, that was your choice and you made it happen. Does that make any sense?

    • First of all, I believe how we react to events is more important than the event itself. Second, we don’t always know the consequence of any of the choices make. A tiny change in your routine can make a small change in the short term, but have major long term consequences. Also although we look separate we are all connected. A choice I made may affect you and many others; some change I may never know. This is why I think our reaction to an event is more important. From the examples you listed…cancer is caused by more than than cigarettes for example environment is a factor so is food choices and on and on. The car accident… A choice was made to drive down that road where the drunk was waiting. Had the person known the consequence of driving down that particular road; it is highly likely they would have taken another road to their destination. That other person choose to drink until they were drunk and then drive. A stupid choice that affects someone else. Everyone on this planet has some form of crud going on – it’s how we deal with it that matters. I choose to be happy.

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