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Choosing Happiness

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!




How to be Happy – Genie’s Way

It’s been a rocky journey with a lot of wrong turns and dead ends, but I finally have found the path to happiness or least my path to happiness.  Here is a list of my happiness secrets  – the ones I can remember:

1. Do random acts of kindness.

2. Love yourself

3. Surround yourself with loved ones

4. Be grateful for what you had, what you have and what you will receive

5. Spend quality time with your family and friends

6. Spend quality time with yourself

7. Be of service aka volunteer to help someone or an organization

8. Do something you are passionate about i.e. hobby, travel, project, job etc.

9. Forgive everyone including your self

10. Value what you have

11. Compare yourself of today to past self, not to anyone else

12. Respect everyone even those folks you do not understand

13. Get plenty of sleep

14. Have an active spiritual life

15. Know that happiness comes from within – no one or no material good can make you happy

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!




Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!





Do you have trust issues?  You may be more trustful than you realize.  Even the most distrustful of us, display trust in others often. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you my point of view.

I have pondered over the concept of trust for years and I have had the insight that we are displaying trust each and every time we go from point A to point B. Think about it.  Whatever way we are traveling, whether it be bicycle, vehicle, wheelchair, skates, or our own two feet, we are trusting that others using the same pathway, road or highway will stay in their part of the route.

At least I know I trust. I wouldn’t be able to leave my home and go anywhere, if I didn’t trust that everyone one else would do their best not to run over me.  My part of the trust deal is to do my best not to run over anyone.  Accidents happen not because a lack of trust, but because accidents happen. We are all human and well, we make mistakes.

In the past I was troubled by those who don’t feel the need to follow the rules of the road.  I took it personally and thought they were breaking my trust.  I just had an insight that these people who run the red light, or turn left from the extreme right lane are displaying the ultimate trust in us. When they do these unexpected things, they know that we will watch out for them. They trust us to keep them safe.

Have I convinced anyone that we trust others more than we knew?

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



I Am Blessed!

I have so many blessings currently flowing in my life throughout my daily routine.  I am blessed by the people in my life: those I meet face-to-face and those I meet online each day.  Being able to love so many people and feel that love returned is wonderful.  I am blessed. It is a huge blessing to both give and receive these positive affirmations each day.

Finished with the wheelchair, because I can walk again is a huge blessing.  The blisters I earned walking up and down the stairs are a blessing, despite the discomfort I endured.  The feeling that someone is caning the bottoms of my feet, because I walked so far is a blessing.  When I walk even farther my ankles feel like somebody hit me with a tire iron; it’s a blessing.

Are you asking yourself why?  Or do you already know the answer:  It doesn’t matter how many blisters, aches and pains I collect; I am blessed.  It’s such a huge blessing that I am walking that any side effects are just white noise.  Get out of my way – I’m not stopping now that I’m walking.

I am blessed, because I know that everything happens for a good reason.  I am blessed, because I know it’s all good.

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world.

Many Blessings,


Working for God

It’s occurred to me over the years that working for God doesn’t mean you have to be a religious leader.  I believe that when you are living life with love in your heart, you are working for God.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Writer, Artist, Reiki Master, Custodian, Pilot, Firefighter, Librarian, Teacher, Secretary, Clerk, Cashier, President, Spouse, Parent, Bus Driver, Truck Driver, Factory Worker, Designer, Student, Photographer, Actor, Computer Guru, Manager, Nurse, Doctor, Engineer, etc. as long as you have love in your heart for God, us humans and all beings; then you are working for God.

How do you know if you are truly working for God?  Do you feel a sense of peace from head to toe and deep down to your soul? When you are on the way to work are you thinking how happy you are and how much you are looking forward to being of service today?

If you are not feeling IT, and you are thinking on the way to work how much you are dreading today. Do not worry not all is lost.  You do not have to change jobs. You can if you must, but it isn’t necessary; just change your attitude.  The same job you are tolerating and just doing to get a paycheck can become working for God.  It all starts with your own personal feelings.

Find something you like about your job.  First on the list could be that you receive money for just showing up and being there.  A paycheck, that’s something to be grateful for. Then look at your coworkers, find something about each one of them that you like. Even the co-worker you just cannot stand has something about them that is good.  Perhaps at this point the only good you can see, is that they are stubborn no make that determined.

I know this works, because I have used it in my own life.   If you have other tips we can use, I would love to know.  Please share your wisdom and leave a comment.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!




It all starts with a thought. Everything!  Isn’t it amazing that all that is created started with a thought?  Nothing happens until someone thinks some version of “That can be done” then gets up and does it.  I find that amazing.  It doesn’t matter if we are creating a piece of artwork, a blog post, a chair, a house, a garden, a hug, etc.  It all starts with a thought.

What are you creating?

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



Labyrinths are a wonderful place to clear your mind of worldly thoughts so you can refresh and create

I Choose

Each day we make choices about our thoughts, which affect our feelings, attitudes and behavior.   Consciously or subconsciously we are constantly making choices about our actions or reactions to our world. I believe we need to stop and think about what we are choosing and why.  If you are not aware of how your thoughts that are affecting your choices; a good place to start is with your actions and reactions.

What is your automatic reaction to adverse conditions?  Do you react in a positive or negative manner; or are you neutral?   If you don’t know, I have a few questions for you:  How would you react if you dropped a full egg carton in your freshly cleaned kitchen and all 12 of the eggs splattered everywhere (on the floor, cabinets, stove, chairs, table, etc.)?    Would you calmly clean up the mess and go on with your day?  Would you rant and rave until you got it out of your system?  Then would you clean up the mess and tell everyone you meet what a rotten day you are having or would you let it go?  Or is your reaction something else?

I picked this example, because it happened to me about thirty years ago and I just looked at the mess a bit stunned, sighed, then cleaned it up and went on being happy.  I haven’t managed to drop a full dozen since then, but I have dropped an egg or two since.  My reaction changed as I changed.  There was a time or two (that’s all I feel like admitting to at this point) when I was so angry about other things in my life that I let myself become frustrated about dropping the eggs and I let it set the tone for the day.  It was further proof that the world didn’t like me much.  Crazy thinking, but that was where I was then. Looking back I prefer my original reaction.  My day was peaceful; because I didn’t take one small incident and exaggerate it to the point that I let it ruined my whole day.

“I let” is the answer to choosing how I react.  I let myself choose to remain happy, no matter what happens.  I’m admit at times I still let myself pout a bit, until I realize what I’m doing then I consciously choose to be happy and have a peaceful day.

Life is good! God is great!  All is right in my world!



The World Is Wide Open

Thanks to technology there are so many more opportunities available for us today.  For example, being a blogger gives me the opportunity to reach out to any English reading person on the planet with access to the internet.  That’s a lot of people.

When I started this blog on April 8th of this year, I didn’t tell anyone about it.  I was in the middle of figuring out the features and wanted to wait until I clearer on what I was doing before sharing my news.  Well, people I didn’t know, living in countries I’ve never visited, read my blog while I was experimenting.  That was an eye opener and it was an amazing feeling to know that I, a woman, who has left middle-age behind and living in a small town in the United States, have the ability to attract an international following.  I’m in awe.

It works both ways.  I am following like-minded bloggers from around the globe.  People I have never met in person and probably will never meet.  It’s easy to sit at home thinking you are alone in your way of thinking, but thanks to the internet you can find like-minded folks to have a connection.  I have more confidence in myself, my ideas and my beliefs.  This is an unexpected bonus.

Thanks to recent technology we have the ability to connect the world.   Thinking about this stops me in my tracks for a moment or so while I absorb this information.  The whole world is wide open to us; like it never has been open in known history.  Isn’t it amazing to be part of this phenomenon?

The word opportunity is the key here.  A person can remain the same, do the same-old-same-old, or they can seek out new challenges.  Opportunity is what we personally make of it.

Your opportunity doesn’t have to be as simple as mine – starting a blog.  We are all faced with different opportunities; the question is “Do we take it?”  If you want to expand your horizons and the opportunity before you is a positive step toward your ultimate goal – go for it…if you dare.

If you are willing to share, I would love to hear about the opportunities in your life that you have chosen to take on or ignore.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



Opportunity signpost

How My Mind Works

I’ve been asked how I find the good in negative events.  Well, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s a huge challenge, but eventually I get there.  I thought I would write my thought process on a minor negative event in my life – hey, I’m not going out there to look for a major one to write about.

The temperature is in the mid-90s where I live and summer is nearly a month away.  I do not want to think about the coming summer’s temperature.  Wait I’m already off topic.

I found out the other day that my car’s air conditioner isn’t up to the job of even pretending it’s going to keep me cool.  It was mid-afternoon, the temperature is 94 degrees and it probably will get higher before the day is over.  I needed to go somewhere that is a 15 minute drive away.  Okay, I’m the queen of finding the good in everything.  What’s the good in this?

Hmmm.  I have a nice pink glow happening here and I really look good in pink.  Okay, I’m laughing at myself now; I’m on the right track.  What else?  I’m sweating off at least a pound or two as I drive from here to there and back again.  Sweat releases toxins from the body so I’m going to be really healthy by the end of the day.

That’s not quite enough what else can I think of?  I have a working car that’s beautiful – red.  My car works, so I don’t have to walk or bum a ride.  It’s okay I don’t have the money to fix the air conditioner, because all the Saturn dealerships are closed so there is nowhere to take my car to get it fixed. I’m counting that as a plus.

Let’s see what else?  The humidity is high enough to cause me to have breathing issues, but I have a car to take me to the medical clinic when I need to go.  The folks at the medical clinic are wonderful and seem to be happy to see me.  Then there is the bonus they know what they are doing and they care.

What bonuses can I find about the weather?  There is a possibility that I will be able to grow my own tropical fruit trees if the climate stays this warm each year.  I’m thinking mango trees to grow with peach trees to make my favorite blended juice.  I had to stop and find out if mangoes grow on trees.  I’m thankful for the internet – I got an instant answer “Yes, mangoes grow on trees.”

By the time I got to the medical clinic I was hyperventilating, so before my butt got comfortable in the waiting room chair, I was called back.  See, they care about me here.  I scared the receptionist and she got the medical staff busy.

I should tell you that this is the place where I was given a prescription for a wheelchair nearly two years ago.  Everyone there is excited to see me walking.    Let me stop and tell you that I was having trouble breathing, because of allergies – so nothing really serious going on.  A couple of prescriptions and I was good to go.  I got to talking to update them on my life, basically bragging about myself.  I showed the nurse my new Reiki business card.  She said she would keep it so she could recommend me to her patients.  So I dug out of my purse all the business cards I had and gave them to her.  Do I really need to explain the great positive there?

So that’s how I think. This is how I get from being in a negative moment to being a living breathing positive force for good.  I think it would work for anyone.  Do you?

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



I already know will have to grow enough fruit trees to share

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