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I believe it is important to stay connected to the people in our lives, whether they are a loved one, a co-worker, or a stranger.  I genuinely like people and am interested in their lives, so when I’m waiting in line for the doors to open or waiting at the doctor’s office for my turn or to get to the cash register, I talk to the people around me.  Not everyone appreciates my efforts, but that doesn’t matter.  I reached out to make a connection that to me is the important issue.  How many times today, did you reach out to someone?

I find it disturbing to see someone in a group or with their family spending their entire time on their cell phone, instead of talking to the people, who took the time to be with them especially if there are kids.  Each time I see this, I pray that those kids are getting one on one time with the adults in their lives at some point.   I can imagine the feeling of disconnect a child must feel when they are ignored or told to shush, because the adult they are with found someone more important  to interact with in that moment that should have been theirs.  Just because you have a cell phone doesn’t mean you have to use it.

I challenge you

1.  to make at least one connection with a stranger today

2.  to have several person-to-person conversations today without checking your cell phone

3.  and if you have children…to turn off your phone for at least 30 minutes to have an interrupted time to connect with your children.

I’ve been pondering the disconnect between two people standing side by side using cell phones for a long while, but I didn’t think to write about it until I read a post  called “Distracted.”     I highly recommend Sturner2’s blog, he is insightful.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



There is a world beyond our cell phones


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17 thoughts on “Connecting

  1. I’m a chatterbox when it comes to connecting with people. I’ll talk to anyone, to the embarrassment of my children sometimes. But I really enjoy connecting. Thanks for this wonderful post , and for stopping by on my site! Hugs!!! Donna

    • Thanks Donna! I’ve been told to act my age, just because I had a bunch of fun conversations at the doctor’s office. I think we all need to keep our inner child alive.

  2. i share your view about phones, i follow the same rule about computer and televisions too. when i had a television i used to switch it off whenever i wanted to have some time with my family or a guest entered. i follow the same rule about computer now.

    i think these are for leisure, when we are alone or lonely.

    • When I lived alone, I didn’t have a television and it was amazing how much I could get done. I rather not have a television so I can concentrate the people in my life and enjoy them and life.

  3. So simple to do for such rewarding results – Bravo to you Genie

  4. Excellent post Genie! I so love that you make it a special point to genuinely connect with those you meet. What a blessing. I have this spectacular thought that if all of us go out into the world each day with our hearts burning with lovingkindness to all who may cross our path that day and jump at every chance to bring a smile or help in any small way to another person, to treat our loved ones with warmth and respect, what a really great world it would be! Thank you for doing just that! Sharon

  5. Very true, Genie. Bravo to you.

  6. Evangeline Ott on said:

    It is heart warming to know there are others that feel Human interaction is much more important that the WiFi connections in our lives. Keep it up – speak to those around you and spread the joy of human interaction.

  7. I do the same thing talk to everyone I run into. Like you some do respond in kind, others..well lets say they are having a bad day.

  8. YOU have made my day! Thanks for referencing my post “Distracted.” I love your ideas on “connecting.” You seem to have touched on the “Next Big Thing.” I was reading a post yesterday about the “Next big thing” being humanness. Kanigan actually links to another post which I did not read as it was late so I may have jumped to a conclusion yet Humanness seemed to be the direction.

    • I don’t know what happen to my first reply – let me try again.
      I’m glad I made somebody’s day. That makes me happy!
      This topic seems to be on the minds of a lot of people lately. I’m hoping this means that positive change is coming in terms of person-to-person human communication. That is an interesting article which links to another, which led me to others writing on the same topic.

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