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Finding Happiness

I’m a happy lady.  I didn’t get to be this happy by accident or by luck; it was a lot of work.  Strange isn’t it?  That for me being happy took and still takes a lot of work.   Maybe a better way to put it is: In order to be happy, I need to take an active role.  I know some people are naturally happy and they know how to be the happy person they were meant to be.   I’m not one of those people – I tend to let the negative influences of this earth affect me too easily.

To counter this, I actively seek happiness and I do my best to spread happiness.   Happiness doesn’t cost money just willingness to be happy.  I was willing.  I am willing.  Are you?

At the end of each day, I think over my day and I acknowledge the wonderful things, people, events and situations that happened that day.  It’s wonderful to have my mind full of these awesome moments as I fall asleep.  It also makes it easy to wake up in the good mood.   Speaking of waking up to a new day; begin your new day saying thank you for the wonderful day that is about to happen.  This helps set up your day on a positive note.

Is this something you are willing to do?

Happy people are connected to others: friends, family, co-workers, etc.   Don’t get me wrong, others cannot make you happy.  Only you can do that.  It is just that I have noticed that happy people tend to be close to others; shallow relationships just are not part of the mix.  In my case I treasure my love ones.

Are you willing to connect with others; to develop close relationships?

Although I believe in spreading happiness, I’m not actively spending each and every moment trying to find ways to make someone else happy.  I’m just seeking to live each day with a heart full of joy, peace, compassion, and universal love for others.  That’s the recipe that equals happiness for me.  Somehow, being happy seems to spillover and before I realize it I’m spreading happiness.

What is your recipe for happiness?

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!




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26 thoughts on “Finding Happiness

  1. Lovely post – thank you! 🙂

  2. This is all any of us can do Genie, that is to be in our own Moment Happy.. we cannot make another feel this, they have to find their own Happiness and want to be in that Zone …
    So many today prefer to stay in their what I call Woe is Me Syndrome, blaming everything and everybody but themselves for their unhappiness..
    Loved this Post my friend.. and Stay Happy!… 😉

  3. I like that you describe happiness as active, certainly not passive. I’m a magnate for the moods of others. I guard against too much time around negativity. I think I do have to work to keep that mind, and either stay away from others who are too negative, or do my best to maintain my own well-being with optimism and hope some of that rubs off! 🙂 Debra

  4. Genie, I was just a little worried there until you got to the end and mentioned the reason you have to be happy- GOD. Actually I think you are filled with Joy a fruit of the Spirit which obviously is always joyful in spite of the circumstances. That certainly seems to describe YOU…I know the world just wants happiness-but happiness mostly depends on circumstances or people or things-whereas JOY doesn’t depend on anything but the Lord Himself filling you up with it! Everybody needs Joy in their lives Genie, keep on spreading it out there!

    • Yes I am joyful all the time. For me happiness is a choice I make each day. It doesn’t matter what situation, events I find myself in or how people are acting around me. I’m the one that has to choice happiness, no one else can make me happy nor can any event/situation make me happy.

  5. Great post, thank you!

  6. Reblogged this on Momentum of Joy and commented:
    Wonderful post!

  7. A very thought-provoking post…I will remember to say thank you when I wake up!

  8. Great Post – made me think! I think for me happiness comes from being true to myself and nurturing myself too. Happy Monday:)

  9. absolutely! Happy happy!

  10. Genie, this is wonderful. I too often forget to count my blessings. I’m glad for your post and for all the good things.

  11. Jennifer Flint Designs on said:

    Oh yes, happiness is definitely my cup of tea. Literally. I think I actually need a cup of tea at all times to be happy. Fortunately, I always do.

    Btw, did you get a chance to check out I think she’s got a new book coming out right now.

    Have a happy day! I suspect you will! 🙂

  12. Totally agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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