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The Gift

I had the insight late last night that my years of darkness when I struggled to get out of bed to participate in life were not a punishment.  No, those years were a gift.  Does that surprise you? Perhaps I need to tell you that over a decade ago I asked God to let me have joy in my heart so I could live a joyous life.  Not just a feeling of joy, but knowing of joy to the very depths of my soul and not just part time – I wanted it full time.  Now that I’m walking again and I have the energy to tackle projects I’ve wanted to do for years, I feel joy in everything I do.  Whether it is a task I previously hated to do or loved to – It’s all a joy.

Speaking of gifts, I’m in the midst of donating my wheelchair to a veteran.  It was a blessing to me when I needed it and now I want to pass the blessing on.  I’m want to leave a positive message to the veteran who gets the wheelchair.  If that person doesn’t know already what a blessing the wheelchair is, I want to bring it to their awareness.  If they already know, I want to rejoice with them.

In yesterday’s post I told you that anything I do now is fun, because I’m not in a wheelchair.  It doesn’t matter how much I despised the task in the past, today it is fun, because I have so much joy in my heart and soul.   What a wonderful gift God as granted me.

I realize in yesterday’s post it sounded like going to the chiropractor was the ultimate answer to my problems.  It was the latest piece of the puzzle.  In my next post I will discuss what else has led to my healing.  I’m excited just thinking about.

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world.

Many Blessings,



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