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Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

I’m not one for joining clubs, but Sandy recently started a club that I can really enjoy being a member: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast.  On her blog Another Lovely Day she posted: Would you like to join the “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast” Club?

To be part of the Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Club, here are the rules Sandy has established:

1) Make a list of six things you’ve basically given up on or that more often than not seem impossible/improbable.

2) Look at the list every morning before breakfast, “seeing” yourself being/doing/having each one.

It isn’t necessary to post your six impossible things, but I am.  I think it will reinforce the idea even more to share my list with you.  Perhaps the more people who know about my impossible list, the more likely my six things will become reality.  If nothing else, I know I will get positive encouragement.

My Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast:

1.  Create an online class.  I want to teach spiritual topics.  I’m spinning my wheels on this project, because I can’t figure out with topic to concentrate on first.  Anyone have any suggestions?

2.  Go on a road trip with my mother.

3.  Solve a genealogy mystery:  What happened to Jesse Cole?  Born on 12 Jun 1862 in Tennessee (probably Cocke or Sevier County) to John and Nancy Coleman Cole.  He married Elizabeth Smith on 14 August 1881 in Sevier County. He had a daughter named Matilda.  He moved to Greene County, Tennessee after he got out of prison then he disappeared (family story: he served 10 years for murder- then it was discovered he didn’t do it and he was released). Jesse was my great-grandmother’s brother.

4.  Work in my gardens most days for as long as I want to (I’m thinking hours).

5.  My house completely paid off.

6.  Able to walk/hike for miles to take fantastic photos.

Well, that’s my list.  If you are up for it, please join the club.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!




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