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Life Goals

Having declared your resolutions is a key ingredient in maintaining your life goals.  As I am working to grow spiritually, be a positive force for good and of course, be known as a Happiness Expert; I have set goals to light the way.   I believe Goals are wonderful tools to use to keep you moving and headed in the right direction while you are traveling on your spiritual path.  Without goals you are wandering around in the dark looking for The Right Thing To Do.

I write my goals down so that when I am contemplating whether I should do something  I can scan my goals to see if this new idea/event/person, etc. fits into my goals.  If it does then let’s do it; if not, let’s it go.  When writing my goals, I leave space to the left of each statement so I can check that goal off as I met it.  It really feels good to look down the list and see items marked off.

While writing my goals, I keep in mind the short and long-term goals.  For example, I have as one of my goals:  I will walk all the trails in the Tennessee State Park System.  That’s nice and all, but a little overly ambitious maybe?  I find that breaking down the goal into smaller goals makes it easier to meet the main goal.  It would be too easy to be overwhelmed if the only goal I had, was to walk every trail; especially since I have only been out of a wheelchair a little over a month now.

So now, my goals are:


.5 mile in a swimming pool
1 mile in a swimming pool
5 miles in a swimming pool
the Discovery Center’s Wetland’s trail  (3/4th of a mile)
the Discovery Center’s Wetland’s trail two times at once
the Discovery Center’s Wetland’s trail  three times at once
the Greenway for 3 miles
the Greenway one way (5 miles)
the Greenway roundtrip
the Barfield Crescent Park trails
Old Stone Fort State Park
Bledsoe Creek State Park
Radnor Lake State Park
Centennial Mall State Park
Davy Crockett State Park
Montgomery Bell State Park
Long Hunter State Park
Dunbar Cave State Park
Cedars of Lebanon State Park
Port Royal State Park
…rest of the state parks
Then there is the federal parks  in Tennessee to conquer 😉

Do you have a strong enough will to take that first step, then the next, then the next, etc. until you reach that final step?

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world.

Many Blessings,


p.s. If you want to learn more about the Tennessee State Park hiking trails visit:

Each goal can be reached, one step at a time.


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