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Perspectives – what’s really going on?

Awhile ago I played with a photo of one my day lilies; each time I used a different filter on Photoshop I thought of how reality is really the beholder’s perception that is filtered through emotions, experiences, and degree of self awareness. I have had various experiences in my life where I have let my situation dedicate my perception of reality.

For instance I would be looking too close so that I could not see the whole picture or be so far away I could not see clearly enough.

Both perspectives may be good in the short run, but a lifetime of not being able to see all the facts or seeing too many facts can have me feeling overwhelmed.  All because I didn’t allow myself see a perceptive where I could see the situation close enough to enjoy it without it being the only thing I could see.  Or I would look so far into the future I could not see what was going on here and now.

Or my thoughts would be so tangled up that everything is all jumbled up.

I could see all the pieces, but I just could not put them together in the right order. This is a truly frustrating place to be.

Or my perception of reality would be so twisted up that nothing was recognizable and it seemed that nothing will be right again.  How depressing.

But then it could get so bad that my perception is so distorted that nothing was what is truly was it was just a mess that led to feeling hopeless.

Sometimes, I felt separated from everyone as though there is was piece of frosted glass between me and the world.

I was feeling as though everyone knew the rules of life, but they wouldn’t share with me.  A lonely place to be.

There have been times when I hurt so bad that I felt outside my own body; not able to feel as though my spirit and body were not truly intertwined.

When I let myself do this, I am disconnecting from God.  Not a fun place to be.

Then there were the times my perception distorted reality just enough that I tricked myself into believe this is the real world.

Life was just mean enough to bend me out of shape a bit, but not enough to let me forget my basic essence.  Of course I know life isn’t mean, it just seemed that way for awhile.

I like my perception I have today.

I see clearly enough to know who I am and why I’m on this earth.  I see clearly enough to see my next step on my path, but not enough to see what all is coming next. I would be tempted to jump too far ahead if I truly knew what was coming next.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!




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