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Find Happiness Today

Seeking ways to be happy is one of my favorite topics to write about.  Here’s my thought for today in graphic form.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!




I Choose

Each day we make choices about our thoughts, which affect our feelings, attitudes and behavior.   Consciously or subconsciously we are constantly making choices about our actions or reactions to our world. I believe we need to stop and think about what we are choosing and why.  If you are not aware of how your thoughts that are affecting your choices; a good place to start is with your actions and reactions.

What is your automatic reaction to adverse conditions?  Do you react in a positive or negative manner; or are you neutral?   If you don’t know, I have a few questions for you:  How would you react if you dropped a full egg carton in your freshly cleaned kitchen and all 12 of the eggs splattered everywhere (on the floor, cabinets, stove, chairs, table, etc.)?    Would you calmly clean up the mess and go on with your day?  Would you rant and rave until you got it out of your system?  Then would you clean up the mess and tell everyone you meet what a rotten day you are having or would you let it go?  Or is your reaction something else?

I picked this example, because it happened to me about thirty years ago and I just looked at the mess a bit stunned, sighed, then cleaned it up and went on being happy.  I haven’t managed to drop a full dozen since then, but I have dropped an egg or two since.  My reaction changed as I changed.  There was a time or two (that’s all I feel like admitting to at this point) when I was so angry about other things in my life that I let myself become frustrated about dropping the eggs and I let it set the tone for the day.  It was further proof that the world didn’t like me much.  Crazy thinking, but that was where I was then. Looking back I prefer my original reaction.  My day was peaceful; because I didn’t take one small incident and exaggerate it to the point that I let it ruined my whole day.

“I let” is the answer to choosing how I react.  I let myself choose to remain happy, no matter what happens.  I’m admit at times I still let myself pout a bit, until I realize what I’m doing then I consciously choose to be happy and have a peaceful day.

Life is good! God is great!  All is right in my world!



Happiness Expert

Can you imagine getting a college degree and/or certification to earn the title “Happiness Expert?”  I really think this would be the ultimate job title.  I would love to be thought of as a Happiness Expert.

I feel so much joy today and every day; so much so that happiness radiates off me like a shining beacon.  I love sharing my happiness and letting folks know how wonderful life is now.  I have worked very hard to achieve this status and I intend to work even harder to keep myself happy down to my soul level.

I truly and whole heartily believe that the first key to finding happiness is to understand that you and you alone can make yourself happy.  No amount of material goods or money will bring you happiness. Being wealthy doesn’t mean you cannot be happy; it just means that something other than wealth created the happiness. Your family and friends, no matter how well-meaning they are, cannot gift you with happiness.  You and only you can manifest happiness within yourself.

No amount of outside influence will change the status of your happiness.  Being truly happy  doesn’t mean the world around you suddenly becomes a bed of roses.  No, you still have to deal with what life throw at you.  If you are truly happy, from head to toe and deep down to your soul, nothing in this world can destroy your happiness.

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world.

Many Blessings,


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