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The Beautiful Blogger Award

I am awed that spilled cookies  nominated me for a second award (the first was the Versatile Blogger Award) and I am grateful.  I am also awestruck that I have been nominated for The Beautiful Blogger Award for the second time.

I’m too stunned to think of anything else to write other than thank you.                                                                             


1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.

2.  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

3. Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award.

My 5 Nominates:

Please check out each of my nominates, they are all beautiful bloggers.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



Versatile Blogger Award

If you are like me, my first question was what is a Versatile Blogger Award?  I did a little research and came up with – no one knows the details. That’s okay, because what I did find out is this award is for the bloggers, whose writing has touched the nominator.   I am awed that nominated me for this award and I am grateful.


1. Thank the person, who nominated you – include a link back to their blog.

2.  Tell seven things about yourself.

3.  Nominate 15 other bloggers.

4.  Post the image of the award in your acceptance post.







Seven Things about Myself:

1.  I write my blog as a daily reminder of my path.   So my blog posts are really journal entries that are a combination of reminding myself of what I already know and absorbing what I just learned.  There may come a point that I contradict myself, because I have had a new spiritual insight.  Looking forward to finding out.

2.  I love to do genealogy research. The first time I got involved in genealogy, it was about finding out about the people who had part in creating me and I wanted to know just where did these folks come from?  I stopped doing it for about 20 years, because well, life got busy.  I started doing genealogy again last year; because I discovered that it is a great tool to help me recover from my latest stroke.   Nothing like a real puzzle to get your brain ticking along and there is the bonus of finding and meeting relatives you didn’t know you had.  For example, I found one of my mother’s uncles still living.  My mother is nearly 80, so I didn’t expect that at all.  He’s a half uncle who is only a few years older than my mother.

3.  I can’t figure out how to work my ipod.  I bought one several years ago with the idea that I would put music on it for my Reiki sessions.  I figure it would be better than a CD which usually finishes before I am finished with the session.

4.  I love color. Every room in my house is a different color.  When I moved in each room was white walls with white trim.  Boring!!! I have a blue room with what I call eggplant purple trim. The rest of the house has butter colored trim.  The other colors:  peach, green, Navaho white (the walls were yellow, but it bugged my mother so I changed it); lavender and what I described to the painter “I want the color of the inside of a pumpkin after it has had all the spices for a pumpkin pie added – before it is cooked.”  And that’s what I got.  The blue room used to be a tied dyed room with parrot green trim.  The background color on the walls was parrot green, and then I sponged on yellow and two shades of blue.  It looked awesome, but the colors were fading so I replaced it.  I have to tell you that when I sponged on the last layer,  I cried when it was still wet, because it didn’t match my vision.  Once it was dried; it was wonderful!  There is a spiritual lesson in there somewhere.

5.  I love to giggle and I take life too seriously at the same time.  I prefer to be the giggler all the time, but that serious side is strong.  I truly need to relax and giggle more.

6.  I love listening to the birds in our yard.   If I can’t be outside, then I want the windows open so I can hear them better.   The windows are open and I heard a bird singing now as I write.  Awesome!

7.  I enjoy finding bloggers whose posts inspire me to be a better me.

My Nominates for the Versatile Blogger Award:


Life is good! God is great!  All is right in my world!



Overtly Simple Award

A new award created by Lisa from Overtly Simple, who has awarded me the honor of being the first blogger nominated for the Overtly Simple Award.    In her own words “To me, being overtly simple means being simple on purpose, in public as well as privately. The people chosen for this award have moved me with their wisdom, humor and concrete suggestions for making our world a healthier home. Thanks for the idea, Genie. And, you’re the first award winner!”

I am very touched and honored, that Lisa has been moved by my blog and thinks I provide words that could lead to making our world better.

She has three questions I am to answer.  Each question took a lot of thinking on my part to answer.  Luckily, I love to think!

1.      What inspired you to start blogging?

Well this is simple question, but I have a complicated answer.  I love to write and had wanted to start a blog for years, but was unable due to health issues that kept me in a mind fog.  Within in last three months I have made a remarkable recovery (I am still recovering) and am able to think clearly enough to write again.

My first response was pure joy and I wanted to remember that feeling.  I knew that time would erode my memory of the pure joy and I wanted to hang on to it.  So I started with that being my first post.  I also realized that in order to be joyful, I needed to remind myself daily how to be happy.   So I am posting online line messages to myself that can be applied to anyone wanting to be a positive force for good.

2.      What has been your greatest life lesson?

Learning to be grateful for everything that comes into my life; both positive and what I might perceive as negative.  In the long run everything that happens is an opportunity to grow spiritually.  My decades long problem with health issues led to my experiencing pure joy – how amazing is that?

3.      What is the one sentence you wish to broadcast throughout the universe?

Anything that you need or want to achieve should be broken down into bite size steps that are extremely easy to manage; before you realize it you will have met your goal.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



Creative Chaos Award

First, I need to thank the person who granted me the Creative Chaos Award and that would be Cee Neuner, whose blog is called Cee’s Life Photography.     I do thank Cee for this honor; I am tickled pink.

I’m supposed to take my best shot at the 3 tasks listed below.

First Task: Three weird things I do: 

Wow, I’m going to have to ask the people around me about this, because I know I’m not the weird one.  I’m normal and it is everyone else who does the weird stuff.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

After some thought, I realized that I probably could start a blog called Genie’s Weirdness and post a weird thing I do each and each day until the day I die and still have material left over.  So I’m changing this task to three weird things I will admit to doing:

1.   I decided to lead a debt free life years ago.  The only debt I have is my mortgage and I’m proud to say I own more of my house than the bank does.  That debt free day is coming.

2.  I love to keep busy and I look for things to do.  I think my mother’s motto “I can’t abide by lazy people” has sunk deep into my psyche.  Even when I am sitting at home resting, I’m either doing genealogy research, writing, crocheting or making lists of what I’m going to do next.

3.  I not only believe in my dreams, I take action to make them happen.

Second Task: You must tell why you look at the “glass half full” scenario and ask “what? No coffee?”

Actually, I look at a glass half full and think “Wonderful, there’s room for more.” I think this is a side effect of choosing to be happy.  I have to find the good in every situation, because I’m happier that way.

Third Task: You find yourself in a desolate place when your car breaks down. You have no cell phone service, no Wal-Mart, and only a candy bar for food. It is 150 miles to the closest town. What color are your under pants and why?

I thought this was supposed to be a challenge.  My first car was a lemon from day one.  It was only five years old when I bought it in 1982; way before cell phones and Wal-Mart’s was not just a few minutes away.   I think the first week I had it, I had to return the car for repairs and I didn’t get it back for four months.  I didn’t have water or food in the car, not even a candy bar.  What I did have in the trunk was a case of oil cans, because every 30 miles I had to stop to add another can of oil.   Does that give you an idea of what a mess it was?  I was young and healthy (I’m not admitting to dumb) so I often took road trips for the heck of it.

Thanks to that the first car, I have been stranded in many, many places; all in the middle of nowhere.   I was raised the country and that is where my heart still lives.  So when I go on a road trip it is to the middle of nowhere, because that is the place that is calming to me.  Anyway, I was stranded so many times that the tow truck driver would pull up and say “Hi Genie” and got busy without saying another word.  Didn’t have to ask who I was, how I was going to pay for it or where the car needed to be towed.  *sigh*

Oh, I forgot to tell you the color of my underpants: rainbows, because I look for the bright side of life.  Anybody, who would take that lemon of a car on more than one road trip, has to be wearing rainbows.  I never worried about being stranded, because somebody sooner or later was going to travel down that road.   My logic:  that road wasn’t built just for me to travel on – so somebody else will be using it sooner or later.  Of course, I leaned toward sooner.

Fourth Task: Nominate 5 people who recently followed your blog.

Positive Boomer

Silly Frog Susan



Truthlets and Thought Bits

I checked their blogs and each one of them has a wonderful blog and deserves the Create Chaos Award.  Please check them out.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



The Sunshine Award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blog Award,  by Chasing the Perfect Moment;   thank you so much for nominating me for this award.  It is given to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”   Wow, what an honor it is to be nominated for this award. I shall do my best to keep blogging while being a positive force for good.

In accepting the award, it is required that I:

1. Include the award logo in a post or in my blog.

2. Answer 10 questions about myself.

3. Nominate 10 to 12 other fabulous bloggers.

4. Link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

5. Share the love and link the person who nominated me.

The Questions:

1.  What is your favorite color?   Yesterday, it was royal blue.  Today it is purple, tomorrow who knows.

2.  What is your favorite animal?  Dogs because of their ability for unconditional love and the joy they have when they see you.

3.  What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?   Mango & peach juice blended together.

4.  Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook – I haven’t even thought about trying out Twitter.

5.  What’s your passion?  To be joyous and spread it around; I cannot imagine that there can be too much joy in the world.

6.  What’s your favorite pattern?  A quilt pattern called Crazy Quilt.  The pattern is to piece together scrapes of leftover material that isn’t big enough for a regular sized quilt pattern piece.  No two Crazy quilts look the same.  It’s a reminder to me that life is what you make it.

7.  Do you prefer giving or getting presents?  I’m more comfortable giving, but I’m working on receiving with grace.

8.  What’s your favorite number?  The numbers on my paycheck, sorry I couldn’t resist.  I don’t have a favorite number.

9.  Favorite day of the week?  Sunday;  I love the stillness of the morning before most people get up – on Sundays around here the stillness last longer than the other days.

10.  Favorite flower? Gerber Daisies…no wait…Black Eyed Susans…no that’s not it…perhaps…I think I will have to go with the flower blooming in front of me – whatever it is.

My Nominates:

Along the Tao

Jenny’s Serendipity


Grace and Life


My Magnificent Mess

Shian Writes

Professions for Peace

A Leaf in Springtime

Goss Coaching

Overtly Simple

The Joy Level

All of these bloggers fit the description “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”    Please visit their blogs to see for yourself, you will be glad you did.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



One Lovely Blog Award

So, in accordance with accepting this award ~ these are the guidelines:

* Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post

* Share 7 things about yourself

* Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire

* Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know 

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Jenny for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award, I feel so honored and a bit speechless. Jenny’s beautiful blog is  Jenny’s Serendipity.

Seven things about me:

1.  Genie is my nickname given to me by a friend, who thinks I’m magical.   I have had the nickname just under 20 years now.  I don’t think I’m any more magical than anyone else, but I enjoy being called Genie.  Every time someone calls me Genie, it reminds me that I have the potential of being magical.

2.  I work extremely hard to be a positive force for good.  Each day, I choose to be happy and to be filled with joy – no matter what is going on around me.  I will admit some days it is easier than others to feel positive and glow with sunshine.  While it may not be possible to change what is going on around me, I do have the option of how I react.

3.  I carry joy around with me: spiritually, mentally and physically.  Really! I have a red metal Christmas ornament that is the word “Joy” attached to my purse.   I literally carry joy with me.

4.  I’ve had a bunch of baby sized strokes and at least one toddler sized one that attacked the part of my brain that controls language skills.   My brain often substitutes one word for another that starts out with the same letters and my tenses sometimes get scrabbled.  For example:  I might say or write “I have fun riding on my house around the parade.”  What I meant to say or write was “I had fun riding on my horse around the park.”  As a result I read and re-read my posts before uploading them to get out all these fun substitutes.  Even then, I sometimes need to update my posts, because something got by me.   I’m noticing that sometimes when I make a comment I mess up.  If I make a comment that makes no sense, bring it to my attention and I will try again.   This has been a humbling experience for someone who loves to write and play with words.  I accept this about myself and am willing to correct any mistakes my brain makes without having to put myself down for being wrong once again.  It is what it is.   Besides sometimes the substitute words are so funny, it makes me laugh.

5.  I write because of a deep need inside of me.  Writing helps me sort out what I’m thinking and feeling.  If I am not able to write or I just do not write, because of laziness I feel out of sorts.  So now you know why I blog – I have to.

6.  I am always early; in fact I arrived in this world six weeks earlier than expected – feet first.  I’m still arriving places early and am always eager to start the next phase of my life.  Some things just don’t change.

7. I love comments.  I even like it when someone disagrees with me and makes a comment telling me so.  This makes me reevaluate what I have written; which will either led to me changing my opinion/beliefs or led me to be stronger in my opinion/beliefs.  I also enjoy leaving comments, but thanks to my battle-scarred brain, I cannot always think clearly enough to say more than “great post” or just click on the like button.

15 bloggers that inspire me:

A Gripping Life

YZ Art Gallery

Momentum of Joy

Marie Overfors

A Woman’s Guide

Everyone Has A Story 

Spiritual Mysticism

A Place Called Love 

Simply Charming

North Edge

Spirit Lights the Way

Mediums World


Holistic Me

Winsome Journey

Todd’s Perspective

Check Jenny’s and these 15 bloggers out, each is truly talented and inspiring.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



The Beautiful Blogger Award

Beautiful Blogger Award


1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.

2.  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

3. Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award.

Thank you Savannah for nominating me for this award, I am honored and I am very grateful.  Savannah’s blog can be found at; she also writes about her healing and spiritual journey.  Isn’t it wonderful that there is more than one path to the same destination?

Okay, now I need to nominate seven others, whose blogs have touched me.  Now, this is the hard part;  limiting the number of bloggers to just seven, well here it goes…

ST2’s Here I am, send me…

Karl’s Mindful Balance

Michele’s Stuff My Brain Thinks

Mimi’s  Waiting for the Karma Truck – for some reason the link will not work so cut and past this web address:

Cee’s  Cee’s Healing Journey

Dan’s nine & a half hours ahead

Meiro’s  Meiro

I hope y’all visit each one of these blogs to see why I nominated them.  Don’t forget to visit Savannah’s  Healing with Savannah.

Life is good!  Good is great! All is right in my world!



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