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Be Kind to Yourself

While you are out there spreading kindness, remember to be kind to yourself.  In fact we need to remember that while we are spiritual beings, we are currently having a human experience and as we all know humans make mistakes.  Somewhere somehow we as spiritual beings decided to have this human experience and we need to give ourselves a break when, not if, we mess up.

Most of us have a conversation going on in our heads, which is okay, if we remember to be kind while talking about ourselves.  No more of “What were you thinking?” or “I’m stupid” or “I’m not good enough” types of remarks.  Being ugly to yourself is disrespectful of not only to you, but it is disrespectful of God.  Think about it, we are all beloved children of God and if are not respectful of God’s work that’s just wrong.

Remember that part of the human experience is to enjoy life.  I’ve spent most of my life struggling to work hard for some goal I set for myself.  I’ve recently been told by several people I respect that I need to relax and just enjoy life.  At first I try to enjoyed life by working hard to find things to enjoy; sort of defeated the purpose of the whole idea.  Right now, I am just remembering to take deep breathes and enjoy the moment I’m in.

So rule number three is “Be Kind to Yourself.”    In order words:  be patient, compassionate, caring, and forgiving toward ourselves.

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world!




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12 thoughts on “Be Kind to Yourself

  1. “At first I try to enjoyed life by working hard to find things to enjoy; sort of defeated the purpose of the whole idea.”
    This is so funny because I see myself in it. I finally exhausted myself and now I’m just enjoying life. Sooo much better.

    • Wonderful! I find myself having a good time then having a thought about working to find something else to enjoy. I have to laugh at myself. One of these days I will enjoy life with joy for the moment with the confidence that more is coming.

  2. Genie, your writing is a balm to my soul.

  3. Jennifer Flint Designs on said:

    Good advice as always! But it can be a hard one to follow if you’re the perfectionistic type. I get mad at myself more often than I get mad at anyone else, but I’ve learned to be kind to myself about doing THAT, since it’s usually brief and far between. I just try to get over it and move on quickly. Besides, it mostly only happens when I’ve had carbs, so it’s not really me.

    I’m very glad you’re learning to enjoy life, Genie. It’s never too late! 🙂

  4. This is so true. It’s often hard to remember and hard to put in practice, because we also hear so many messages about self-sacrifice. But, I have learned that if we sacrifice our own needs, we become too needy ourselves and are no good to others. This is a lesson that I have learned the hard way!
    Thank you for your constant encouragement and inspirational messages, Genie!

  5. “Messing up” is also a human concept. I see us as eternal works in progress…thanks for the reminder!

  6. Thank You! I really needed to hear this!

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