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What Is Important?

Lately I have re-evaluating my life and figuring out what needs to stay, what needs to go and what needs to change.  It has occurred to me for the umpteenth time that what is currently showing up in my today are the things and people I have deemed important.  By the way, I’m so grateful that you are a part of my life.

I invite you to look around and see what is currently in your life.  Does what you are seeing in your life agree with what your heart and soul knows it should be?

Life is Good!  God is Great!  All is right in My World!




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12 thoughts on “What Is Important?

  1. I have been aware lately that I don’t always prioritize…everything is important or crucial…and so the stress builds because I can’t address it all properly. By doing a better inventory I could probably be a bit more aware of what and “who” is important each day, week, month…the outcome would certainly help me define what stays or what I could let go! Good reminder as another very busy week begins. Debra

    • Thanks Donna! Doing an “Importance Inventory” truly helps you figure out what really needs your attention the rest can go away. The side effect is a calmer you.

  2. Great Reminder – making some changes myself lately!

  3. Jennifer Flint Designs on said:

    So funny, Genie, as usual we are on the same page with this. I’ve been very actively reevaluating my priorities lately, and what I want to spend my time on, and just today I was going through my things and having a good old clearout, which always makes me feel calmer and more focused. This is how I deal with stress, in addition to meditating. I do recommend it. 🙂

    • I’m in the midst of clearing out stuff too. Finished with the bedroom and on home office closet. It does meet me feel so much better – when I’m done. Thank you!

  4. summer4soul on said:

    I love that quote! : ) Greetz from Summer

  5. Wonderful advice…we should treat our lives like our closets and clean them out now and then. 😉

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