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Daydreamers Award

I was recently nominated for the Daydreamer Award by Leigh, whose blog is Bluegrass Notes I thank her for thinking of me and I am honored.

This award has very simple rules:

1) Upon receipt of this award, you are to take a mental vacation for five minutes. Gaze off into space, look out of the window, have yourself a wonderful day dream.

2) When you have returned from your day dream, you are required to take another one tomorrow.

3) Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

  1. Award this to three (3) people. You can only pass on this award to three (3) people only.

To accept this award I am required to have a daydream a day, I love these rules. I already had my daydream for the day and feel the better for it.  I hope my nominees have at least as much fun as I have had fulfilling the rules.

My nominees:


Joie’s “Not So Ugly” Truth

You, Illuminated

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world!




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11 thoughts on “Daydreamers Award

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  2. Hello Genie, I got this award a while ago from a blogger whose blog has disappeared now (?) so I am linking your page here for my nominees, if you don’t mind. It is the best award around!
    I love your blog!

  3. I take mental vacations as often as possible, and now I have even greater incentive to be deliberate about it! Thank you, Genie! Debra

  4. My world would fall apart if I took a mental vacation!

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