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How to be Happy – Genie’s Way

It’s been a rocky journey with a lot of wrong turns and dead ends, but I finally have found the path to happiness or least my path to happiness.  Here is a list of my happiness secrets  – the ones I can remember:

1. Do random acts of kindness.

2. Love yourself

3. Surround yourself with loved ones

4. Be grateful for what you had, what you have and what you will receive

5. Spend quality time with your family and friends

6. Spend quality time with yourself

7. Be of service aka volunteer to help someone or an organization

8. Do something you are passionate about i.e. hobby, travel, project, job etc.

9. Forgive everyone including your self

10. Value what you have

11. Compare yourself of today to past self, not to anyone else

12. Respect everyone even those folks you do not understand

13. Get plenty of sleep

14. Have an active spiritual life

15. Know that happiness comes from within – no one or no material good can make you happy

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!




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21 thoughts on “How to be Happy – Genie’s Way

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  2. Genie:

    I like your happiness secrets. Each one leads us on a step towards happiness, but together projects us into living in the happiness realm.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Interesting list … I had to spend some time asking myself how many of these I practice on a regular basis, and, maybe not-so-surprisingly, I think I can only claim maybe 8 out of 15. Interesting. I seem to have trouble with 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 14.

    Makes me wonder if I shouldn’t pick one or two from your list, and see what I can do about improving on where I am today, and then pick another, and so on. If I kept doing that, maybe, in due time, I might find myself in a happier place.

    Thanks for sharing your list. Interesting steps to arrive in a happier place.

    • I would encourage you to try broadening your horizons and see if you can incorporate my list into your daily life. Before I did these things, I was in a dark place where I was full of bitterness and rage. I got tired of it so I actively looked for what would serve me better. It was a trial and error process, but I’ve gotten here where I am happy.

  4. Great Post – thanks for the reminder! Have a Lovely Weekend:)

  5. What an absolutely perfect list, Genie! I love them all. I think if we could learn to appreciate each day for what it holds as life itself, we’d quite striving for more. More can sure be my anchor…not holding me in place–weighing me down! 🙂 Great words for a weekend’s musing. Hope you have a good weekend, but I can already see that you will! Debra

  6. Jennifer Flint Designs on said:

    Great list, Genie! I think I’m doing all of this at the moment, so no wonder I’m happy! 🙂

  7. nice post…I just read a saying yesterday ” For being Happy, there should not be difference between what you say, think and act”

  8. sounds like a good recipe… especially, #15

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