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It all starts with a thought. Everything!  Isn’t it amazing that all that is created started with a thought?  Nothing happens until someone thinks some version of “That can be done” then gets up and does it.  I find that amazing.  It doesn’t matter if we are creating a piece of artwork, a blog post, a chair, a house, a garden, a hug, etc.  It all starts with a thought.

What are you creating?

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



Labyrinths are a wonderful place to clear your mind of worldly thoughts so you can refresh and create


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13 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I have nominated you for the “Insightful Blog Award’. Your work is an inspiration to us all.There is no work with this one. All you have to do is post your announcement and award to your blog, and nominate one person to pass it on to. Congrats!

  2. Hi,
    So very true, everything does start with a thought, some of the most amazing inventions have happened because someone had an idea and followed through.

    I love the photo, there was certainly a lot of planning and work went into this labyrinth pattern.

    • Thank you! This particular labyrinth exists in my hometown, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I don’t who created or when, but it was a wonderful thought by someone.

  3. Love reading your thoughts Genie!

  4. Absolutely true! I’ve heard author Stephen Covey put it this way, that everything is created twice–the first time is in your mind. (That’s a bit of a paraphrase, not a direct quote!) And, I’ve just posted a quote from Picasso that is another twist on this truth and have created a “blogger challenge” to go with it. Please check it out, Genie–it’s right up your alley! 🙂

  5. Rita on said:

    Lovely and thinking good thoughts for you today, Genie!

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