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Highest Good

As a kid, I used to pray for wants and needs for myself and others, but I’ve grown, both physically and spiritually, since then and I now pray for my or another’s highest good.  I can’t remember when I started praying this way, but this feels right to me.  Since God knows what is best for each and every one of us, it just seems bossy to tell God that I am praying for “x” to happen to “z.”

I also feel that we should not only pray for the highest good of our loved ones, but we should pray for the highest good for those folks, who just are hard to get along with.  I know it is easier to pray for our friends and family, but those other folks probably need our prayers the most.  Something in their lives may be giving them so much grief that they are showing up as aggravating people.

Who knows when you pray for their highest good, it may be you that changes rather than them.  Your attitude about their behavior may shift so that person doesn’t seem annoying anymore.  Whatever the outcome it seems wiser to let God choose what happens.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!




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14 thoughts on “Highest Good

  1. This is so lovely. I pray that way too. I mean, who am I to know what is best for others… it seems like a judgement to assume we know what is best for other people. Often times, when I see others on the side of the road who get pulled over by a cop or are having car trouble, I set an intention or pray that everyone involved in that scenario learns what ever they need to learn as gracefully and easily as possible for the highest good of all concerned. 🙂

    Great post!

    Have a lovely day,

  2. ICAtransparencies on said:

    God is good! Thank you for liking my blog post “reality check,” I myself, always think about me and not others, it just came to a point were I realized that with the knowledge I have I should use this to let the people, specially the youth understand the real meaning of life, and God should be the center of it all. Thank you again.

  3. God is good all the time great post Genie..

  4. Let it go, and let God..

  5. Amazing wisdom “…let God choose what happens.”

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