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The World Is Wide Open

Thanks to technology there are so many more opportunities available for us today.  For example, being a blogger gives me the opportunity to reach out to any English reading person on the planet with access to the internet.  That’s a lot of people.

When I started this blog on April 8th of this year, I didn’t tell anyone about it.  I was in the middle of figuring out the features and wanted to wait until I clearer on what I was doing before sharing my news.  Well, people I didn’t know, living in countries I’ve never visited, read my blog while I was experimenting.  That was an eye opener and it was an amazing feeling to know that I, a woman, who has left middle-age behind and living in a small town in the United States, have the ability to attract an international following.  I’m in awe.

It works both ways.  I am following like-minded bloggers from around the globe.  People I have never met in person and probably will never meet.  It’s easy to sit at home thinking you are alone in your way of thinking, but thanks to the internet you can find like-minded folks to have a connection.  I have more confidence in myself, my ideas and my beliefs.  This is an unexpected bonus.

Thanks to recent technology we have the ability to connect the world.   Thinking about this stops me in my tracks for a moment or so while I absorb this information.  The whole world is wide open to us; like it never has been open in known history.  Isn’t it amazing to be part of this phenomenon?

The word opportunity is the key here.  A person can remain the same, do the same-old-same-old, or they can seek out new challenges.  Opportunity is what we personally make of it.

Your opportunity doesn’t have to be as simple as mine – starting a blog.  We are all faced with different opportunities; the question is “Do we take it?”  If you want to expand your horizons and the opportunity before you is a positive step toward your ultimate goal – go for it…if you dare.

If you are willing to share, I would love to hear about the opportunities in your life that you have chosen to take on or ignore.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



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16 thoughts on “The World Is Wide Open

  1. I nominated you for a versatile and beautiful blogger award!

  2. Hello Genie, thank you for visiting my own blog post..
    I started my own blog on Windows Live many years ago now Which progressed to WordPress.. I had thisFeeling within me that I wanted to make a difference somehow within the world..
    As a Spiritual Healer and Medium, I wanted to reach out. I have been amazed at the wonderful friendships I have made of like minded people along the way..
    And I have no doubts your own Journey will be as fullfilling as my own..
    Blessings sent your way and Happy Blogging! 🙂 ~Sue Dreamwalker

  3. overtlysimple on said:

    My first blog post was just a day before yours, and you’re right – reaching folks in faraway lands has been amazingly easy and rewarding. Keep up the good work!


  4. I too began my blog this year. I began in March. It is a way to chronicle my life as it is now and to get back into the swing of writing. It is something I once enjoyed greatly, but due to a busy life, fell out of. I have a big goal that I am hoping to reach, and this will be a stepping stone for me to reach it. I enjoy reading your posts! 🙂

    • Thank you! My blog seems to be a stepping stone to greater things, but I’m not sure what just yet. Good luck with your goal and remember to divide it up into bite sized portions so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. 🙂

  5. I would never have started a journal but now that I have put my thoughts into a blog, I feel “documented”. Meeting like minded people has been a wonderful side-effect, but to have my thoughts and feelings in print is a great comfort in order for my grandchildren to get to know me. Actually, my mother has read my posts and she has learned things that I would never have thought about telling her. Bloggers are special. 😉

  6. It is amazing isnt it?
    Have a lovely day Genie.

  7. I am in awe too…;)

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