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What Tickles Me

I’m limiting myself to the first ten things that come to mind that just tickle me; otherwise this will turn into a book.

1.  My mother tickles me often.  For example, she doesn’t like to ask for help – ever.  When she fills up the wheelbarrow while gardening, it is too heavy for her to carry it to the road for pickup.  Instead, of asking me to empty the wheelbarrow, she will leave the full wheelbarrow in front of the flowers I like to take photos of while having my breakfast on the back porch.  Then she has gets a smirk on her face when she sees that I have emptied the wheelbarrow.  That tickles me, because I would empty it anytime for her, but she gets so much pleasure from leaving the wheelbarrow in my way.

2.  My sister also tickles me with some of the things she says.  For instance, if I ask her if she knows about “x”; she will tell me “I do now” instead of “No.”  Or she will say something like “I didn’t know I lost it, until I found it.”

3.  My godsons tickle me.  I’ve trained them since birth to hug me when we meet and when it’s time to say goodbye.  The oldest is 12, the age when boys do not hug anymore.  He hugs me!  That tickles me.  The youngest is 7 and last week he came up out of the blue and gave me a long hug.  That really tickles me.

4.  My yard tickles me.  With a lot of sweat, energy and time, my mother and I have made it an extremely peaceful place to be.  I enjoy going out each day, walking around to discover what is blooming today.  To see a slideshow of my garden, see my post Sneak Peek at Genie’s Yard.  If you are interested, I wrote in 2008 an article called Life Lessons from the Garden.

5.  It tickles me that every being that crosses my path is a potential spiritual teacher.  Right now, the robins in my yard are teaching me so much about patience, learn to just be and knowing that others should not stop their progress on their path to suit me (see my post Bird Speak).

6.  It tickles me to see white fluffy clouds, because it reminds me of when I was a little girl.  Way back then, I would spread out on the grass in my backyard and watch the clouds.  I would enjoy figuring out what shape the clouds formed.  I believe this the first form of meditation I practiced.

7.  Writing tickles me; when I write I feel so much joy.  I hope that am able to spread that joy to my readers.

8.  Y’all are probably tired me of writing about this, but I have to write it at least one more time:  walking tickles me.  I love being able to walk.  If you are reading this for the first time, then my post Walking in Sunshine will explain all.

9.  Seeing the four flights of stairs at work tickles me, because I can walk up two flights of those stairs and I know I will be able to walk up all four flights before long.

10.  As a Reiki Master III, I conduct classes about Reiki (I am in the process of developing other class topics).  When I am teaching it tickles me to see when one of my students gets IT.  The wonder and joy radiating from them just makes me happy.

What tickles you?

Life is good! God is great!  All is right in my world!



Meet the robin, who is my spiritual teacher

Some of the things that tickle me

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22 thoughts on “What Tickles Me

  1. Hi,
    I think life in general tickles me, the little things, like when I walk the dog, we often see some different wildlife in the park, one day I spotted some turtles in the stream, turned out to be a family. 🙂
    Lovely photos.

  2. I have just granted you the Creative Chaos Award. Please feel free to accept it or not. I sometimes think they are fun to participate in.

    • Thank you Cee! I am honored by your nomination. Creative Chaos, hmmm. I thought that was the state of my office – I didn’t realize there was a Creative Chaos Award. 🙂

  3. I love this blog…it tickles me!!!

  4. I am an IT professional and often work from home. My 10 years old sometimes say Dad I know enough computers, can I help you with your work so that we can play together? I put aside all the work wight away. He knows that I do that; my three years old following on his brothers footsteps tried the same on me. I get tickled when my kids try to trick me 🙂

  5. Genie, here are some things that tickle me: Reading your posts, my mom (and her serenity and joy in the simple things), spending time in the woods, doing things with my kids and my guy, and practicing yoga. Many more, too.

    Thanks for guiding me in this way to gratitude.

  6. Again, you tickle me. Shh, don’t tell my wife. The joy you share is magical. I hope not to over use this magical thing yet your friend was on target, “Genie” you are.

  7. It tickles me to feel your happiness through your words..!! 🙂 (Btw, how did you put your Beautiful Blogger award on your site? I would like to do the same but I’m a techno-illiterate and don’t know how!)

    • Thank you Mimi! Here’s how I got my award on my site: Go ahead and post your blog about your award with the image in the post. Click on the image itself – copy the url . Click on your Dashboard. Click on “Appearance.” Click on “Widget.” A list of available widgets appears. Drag the “Image” widget to the panel on the right. If you drag it far enough it will stay put. In the box below “Image URL:” paste the url that you copied Click on “Save.”

  8. What a delightful, happy post filled with bursting sunshine!!!! I love no.6 because I too spent a lot of time gazing up to the sky figuring out shapes in the clouds and yes, I truly believe I was meditating from my earliest childhood! Thank you for sharing the simple things which tickle you! They brought a big smile to my world. HUGS xx Sharon

  9. The bird pic is beautiful.

  10. you know how to love, enjoy life. that robin pic is fantastic.

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