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Pain as a Spiritual Tool

For as long as I can remember the saying “No pain, no gain” has been part of my life.  I didn’t believe it so I worked just hard enough to sweat, but no pain was allowed when I did physical exercise.  I believed that you would get the same end-result, but it would just take a little longer my pain-free way.   I didn’t relate pain to spiritual growth at all – until recently.

As a result of my recent bout with pain, I had a spiritual insight.  My usual way of dealing with pain is to ignore it, in hopes it will go away.  I was applying this method, when I realized that pushing away my pain, pushed God out of my life also.  Isn’t that just weird?  When I needed a strong connection to God the most, so I could have hope and see a bright future, I accidentally pushed God out of my life along with the pain.

Let me explain.  When I pushed the pain aside mentally, I disconnected with the world a bit, which I thought until recently was a side effect I could live with.  Turns out I feel at my weakest spiritually when I disconnect to the world – the place God created for us to live, work and play.  So by disconnecting from the world at large, I was disconnecting from God.  Once I had that insight, I brought the pain back to my attention and was one with it.  Wasn’t fun as far as pain levels, but I enjoy life so much more.  I was back to being Sunshine Walking instead of having my lights dimmed.  I still have the pain, but it isn’t bothering me like it was before I reconnected.  I guess I just having too much fun to notice.

So pain is a spiritual tool.  I’m still working on this concept, so my thoughts are not fully developed on this spiritual principle.  Here’s what I have come up with so far:  If you go with the flow of pain and not fight it; pain can be used as tool for spiritual growth.

Am I making sense?  Have you already discovered this principle?  If you have, can you give me tips to fully understand this principle so I can grow spiritual?

Life is good! God is great!  All is right in my world!



Illustrating How I Felt:

I was just outside the world. Mostly me, but not fully me.

Feeling normal and able to interact with the world


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12 thoughts on “Pain as a Spiritual Tool

  1. pain sure can be used as a spiritual tool. interesting post Genie.

  2. I kind of understand what you’re saying. I thank God when my knees don’t hurt and my back pain lets up a bit. I don ‘t think I’ve ever tried to block the pain. But I always believe that the pain is there to remind me that I am alive. So I guess that’s keeping God close. I know I call Him a lot when the pain is real bad. 🙂

  3. Love this post and agree wholeheartedly that pain, be it emotional or physical, can certainly be used as a spiritual tool, insofar that, how one chooses to DEAL with their pain can always be an opportunity for spiritual growth and introspection. Just as with all traumatic or unexpected circumstances in life, so too does pain afford the potential to adapt, adjust and apply the lessons/coping methods learned in the process to future instances of pain or suffering. It’s these very difficult lessons that can really shape us and impact our spiritual growth (in my opinion, anyway :P)
    So glad you are “seeing” clearly again! (And love the pics to go with your words!)

    • Thank you! I have the same opinion about difficult lessons. I also agree how one chooses to deal with with pain can be an opportunity for spiritual growth.

  4. Yes I felt the same way. When I was blocking out my pain, I like you, blocked my spiritual belief on the side. I am currently working on that now.

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