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Discovering I Am

For a while there I was a wanna writer, energy healer, gardener, photographer, teacher, student, etc.  Everything was wanna be.  Then I realized that wanna be wasn’t good enough, I was gonna be.  For a while that worked for me, because I was gonna be all those things I listed before and more.  Then I realized that I am a writer; I am an energy healer; I am a gardener; I am a photographer ; I am a teacher ; I am a student ; I Am!

How freeing is that?  I am all the things I wanted to be, that I was gonna be sometime in the future.  The future is shaped today; something I forgot for a little while, but I’m back on track now.

I am! I am! I am!  I love saying those words over and over again.  Just saying “I am” over and over again causes a wonderful vibration to build up in my chest.  It sounds like I’m chanting and maybe I am.  All I know is repeating “I am” over and over again seems to reset me back to a place of peace.

If you are up to it, please give it a try.  I would love to know what results you have when you repeat “I am.”

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!





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25 thoughts on “Discovering I Am

  1. Melbra on said:

    A great job on writing about I wanna be! You did it! You are a person that’s positive, I am!


  2. I am glad you are you! Thank you for your post, Genie. I’m going to gently reflect on “I am.”

  3. Rita on said:

    I really love your I Am-ness! : D See you at church today!

  4. Hi Genie…First of all, thanks for liking my two latest posts on my “Not In India 2012” blog. Most appreciated. Hope you will explore further and perhaps find other posts which may be of some further assistance to you in even some small way along your own wonderful journey. I love this post about “I AM”. I remember how hard it was years ago for me to say “I AM a Reiki Master and Healer!!”. I will be exploring further in your blog as well once my vacation is over. You might find other posts of further interest in my main blog which has been running for many years : Jane’s Mindfulness Journal at:

    with love light and JOY

  5. The flow, rhythm, and expression of your subjects you share are so precise, neat and to the point quickly, reeling us into the center in joyful surrender. It’s a pleasure to read and a reward to reap.

  6. I LOVE THIS, Genie. I LOVE THE POWER AND BEAUTY OF I Am. It has been with me awhile. Every now and then, I do a guest blog on Napkinwriter and copy someone onto it for my readers and then they can find you as well. I would love, with your permission, to have this as a guest blog. I’ll wait to hear.

  7. Your exuberance is contagious! Have a wonderful day!

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