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God Loves

Have you ever wondered what is God?  Here is my short and sweet answer:  God is love.

It makes sense to me that God is love, because when I’m quiet and I just listen; I am at peace.  I can feel God’s love throughout my whole being.  I’ve never felt anger, sadness, hate or any other negative emotion.  God is love.

Years ago, I was relating to some of my church friends, my relationship with God.  Which was that I always followed with what I should do…after I argued about it a little bit and/or tried to talk God into something much more convenient for me.  Their reaction was funny, they worried about this for me, but I told them, “It’s okay, God loves sassy women.”  And so it is.

I know when I am following God’s path by how I feel inside.  If I feel at peace, calm and loving – it’s in alignment with God.  If I feel jumpy, nervous,  or scared – it’s not in alignment with God.  Further proof that God is love.

Life is good!  God is great!  All is right in my world!



For all the Sassy Women out there – God Loves YOU!


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7 thoughts on “God Loves

  1. Yes God loves sassy women because God created sassy women!!! Love your point : )

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