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Walking in Sunshine

It might be more accurate to say I am Sunshine Walking.  My face aches from smiling so much.  It’s a ridiculously wonderful problem to experience.

I love, love, love to walk especially these days.  I’m still glowing in the bliss of being finished with my wheelchair and am willing to walk anywhere, anytime.  Nothing stops me from walking, not even blisters, sore spots where my shoes rub my feet or grossly swollen feet.

Whether it is cloudy, raining or a gorgeous sunny day, I am walking in sunshine.  I radiate joy.  I’m doing an inner dance of joy to the refrain of “I’m not in a wheelchair!  This is fun!  I’m not in a wheelchair!  Look at me go, I’m having fun, fun, fun!”

I spend my days walking and my nights soaking my feet so I can go again tomorrow.

Are you walking in sunshine?  If not, why not make some changes in your life so you can join me and be a radiant force for good.

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world.

Many Blessings,


Genie aka Sunshine Walking


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40 thoughts on “Walking in Sunshine

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  2. Genie thanks for visiting me and commenting . this is my first visit to your blog and I am amazed at how radiant you are! I am a devoted fan from first reading so if you don’t mind I am going to follow you and pray some of this radiance rubs off on me. I won’t steal your sunshine just want to learn how to make my own. thank you for being such an inspiration.

  3. Inna on said:

    Life’s good.. God’s great.. All it right in my world.. Love this attitude, Genie 🙂

  4. You Were Born To Succeed on said:

    Hi Genie – thanks for the visit and the “like.” Don’t you just love those women? They are an inspiration!

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  6. Keep walking !!!! And take good care! I am a fan!

  7. You Were Born To Succeed on said:

    Hi Genie,

    You are inspiring! I love walking, too, and very often meditate while walking. Congratulations on being wheelchair free. And thanks for visiting and “liking.”

  8. Just reading this is inspirational. Thanks – I am going to get to walking.

  9. Wow! I’m inspired. Keep on walking, as the sunshine will travel with you.

  10. Yep, always walking in sunshine . . . hehe, and thank you for your visits. Much appreciated! 🙂
    ~Abundant joy and peace to you Genie!

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  12. Most definitely…walking in sunshine! This countenance is mine for the taking! Beautiful blog. God Bless you! Here’s a sweet motivation for you, that may add even more pep to that step…when you’re walking. Boom! Have a beautiful day.

  13. What a great post…You are walking in sunshine indeed. All the best to life, Jenny

  14. What joy it is to share in your experience Walking in Sunshine.

  15. I thought about you when I saw this pin on Pinterest:

    Cheers, Paula

  16. Marie Overfors on said:

    You are an inspiration to me. 🙂

  17. Great smile! Keep on going Genie! Walking can be a beautiful, spiritual experience.

  18. I delight in reading of your joy at walking and soaking in the world around you. Your joy is contagious and I wish you continued moments of awe, happiness and some time to put those feet up at day’s end…:-)

    • Thanks so much!

      • Melbra on said:

        I am enjoying reading your articles because I know how your walking has improved. You are not in the wheelchair anymore and it is a blessing to see you walking and smiling!
        May GOD BLESS YOU!
        Keep up the good work! You were determined to walk again!

  19. Lovely to hear you are doing well. There was a philosophers school in Ancient Greece that made their students walk and think. They say even Aristotle was a “peripatetic” lecturer – that he walked about as he taught. Think ‘Zen’ or mindful walking too and the Christian monks that walk through the cloisters to balance their praying. Think pilgrimages too. Walking is what people are made for, don’t you think? It surely is related to spiritual growth and good health. Keep going but indeed, do take care of your feet.
    Kindest greetings from Paula

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