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Who is Following Whom?

Sunday, I had an unusual experience that I would like to share, but first some background to the situation is in order.  When I moved into my home, I had the intention to pull up every blade of grass and replace it with gardens and pathways.  I’ve done so.  My flowers are constantly blessing me with not only their peaceful presence, but many, many flower babies.   I’m in the middle of giving away day lilies, because we have so many they are taking over the yard.

A friend of mine, who I met through church, wanted some  day lilies and we arranged it so she could come after church and dig some up.  Since she has never been to my home, she was to follow me home.  Before we got into our vehicles, I gave her directions just in case we got separated then got into my car.  When I looked back to see if it was safe to back up, I saw the back end of her vehicle leaving the parking lot.

My first reaction was that I was confused and that wasn’t her,  because we all know that the follower trails behind the leader.  Right?   Then I looked again and sure enough that was her leaving the parking lot.  Leaving the parking lot!  Oh my, I’ve got to get going, because I’m supposed to in front.  I’ve got to correct this situation, because how is she going to follow me home if I’m behind her?

As I leave the parking lot I look down the road and she is already a block and a half away.  Who is following whom?  I had to laugh, because I have never ever had someone follow me by leading the way.  This unusual twist had me pausing to think about this in spiritual terms.  I was stopped at the traffic light watching my friend disappear from view, when it occurred to me that our spiritual teachers at times will become our followers.  Sometimes the leader is there to learn from the follower which will lead to huge spiritual growth for all.

I am on the path to become a spiritual coach/teacher and there will be times when the people who come to talk with me or come to this blog to read what insights I have to share, will be the ones teaching or guiding me.  It is comforting to know that no one is expected to have all the answers all the time.  Sometimes it’s someone else’s turn to lead the way.

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world.

Many Blessings,


Watch a video of my day lilies with the birds in my backyard singing:


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9 thoughts on “Who is Following Whom?

  1. As an educator, I often learn from my students. We can all learn from each other. 🙂

  2. Great observation Genie! 🙂

  3. Recently I heard some great advice which was, frequently evaluate whether you are always striving to be in the place of the “teacher”, and if pride is keeping you from allowing others to “teach you.”
    Thanks for the gentle reminder!

  4. So funny and so true!

  5. Sometimes the best leaders follow from behind…:-)

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