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Place of Peace

Everyone should have a place of peace, where they can go to find balance and reset their systems back to where everything feels right in their world.  It can be as simple as a corner of your home that is yours and when you are in that spot your friends and family know that’s your place of peace and it is sacred.  If you do not have an extra room or the space to have a corner in your home, then look in your yard for a spot or perhaps take a few minutes to sit anywhere and meditate and enjoy the moment.  Before I had my back porch I used to sit in my car in the parking lot at work for a few minutes each day before starting my day.  Just take that moment of peace wherever and whenever you can.

Please, do not use your place of peace as a place where-nobody-can-bother-me so I can pretend they do not exist.   Your place of peace is to remind you that all is right in your world thus you can handle anything and everything life has to throw at you.

My place of peace is my back porch and my time of peace is the early morning; this is where I sit and eat my breakfast while the dawn breaks.  It is also where I set up my laptop and write.  I love this morning ritual; it is a foundation where I can build myself up to have an awesome day no matter what happens.  Sometimes my mother comes out and talks to me while I’m having my early morning ritual in my place of peace; I truly enjoy her company when she joins me.  I’m in my place of peace so all is right in my world and I want to share this wonderful feeling with her.

Please, tell me about your place of peace.

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world.

Many Blessings,



View of my backyard from my porch, dawn hasn't arrived yet.

The outside light shines on the backyard, highlighting my breakfast.


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12 thoughts on “Place of Peace

  1. Nice photos and post! I am still trying to find my place. I have a lot to choose from, but I always find myself back in my kitchen at the counter….still looking…..

  2. AMEN to that! Lovely blog entry. Those are some great pictures. I would have to say my most peaceful place is a park called Peace Valley Park, in PA. There are lots of birds and I even saw an owl there a few weeks ago. So I suspect you would like it, too!

  3. amediumslife on said:

    What a Beautiful peaceful yard you have 🙂

  4. Marie Overfors on said:

    A comfy chair in the living room is my morning place of peace.

  5. Your pictures looks so lovely and you’re right about having a peaceful spot.

  6. Have a wonderful day! I have two places of peace – our porch in the back of the house and the sunroom filled with all the family/friends pictures and memory touchstones that are special to me (and the couch is super-comfortable). Both envelop me in a sense of peace and security..

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