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Santa Claus Melon

While in the produce section I saw a something I had never, ever seen before, a Santa Claus Melon; never even heard of it.  Shaped roughly like a football and about the same size also, the melon is green with yellow splotches and white stripes. 


I asked one of the store employees, if he knew anything about this melon.  He didn’t, but he found someone who did.  Then to my surprise, they went in the back and cut up a Santa Claus Melon so I could taste it before I bought one.  Made me feel so special to have them do this just for me.  The taste of this melon is heavenly!   It is a beautiful creamy color inside.  The taste is a mild sweet flavor that reminded me of honeydew.

Awesome discovery!


After I cut it down the middle, I realized it would have been much, much better to cut the Santa Claus Melon lengthways.  Lesson learned. I have saved the seeds and put them aside to dry.  I will be planting the seeds so I can have as many of these melons as I want.





Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world.

Many Blessings,



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One thought on “Santa Claus Melon

  1. They are really good…

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