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For Real

I enjoy looking for the good in people and noticing their potential.  Deliberately noticing the positive doesn’t mean I’m blind to the negative.  In fact, I’m hypersensitive to negativity; I just refuse to take it in as part of my reality.  If you like living in a world of negativity, hopelessness and just plain unhappiness; just know that you are seeking to be misery on purpose. If that’s what you want, go ahead and wallow in it. Me, I going to enjoy life, notice the good in others and be a positive force for good; on purpose.

I’ve lived in both of these realities: the negative and positive.  When I was wallowing in being a pessimistic, I was quite skilled at distrusting what life had to offer and made sure that others noticed too.  That cliché, “misery loves company” was true in my case.   I truly was a mean person, who used her wit and sarcasm skills to create more misery.  I truly hope those I harmed were not so damaged by my behavior that they have not been able forgive me.

There was a day, when I realized that what I was doing wasn’t working for me, so I worked very hard to change my reality.  It was slow and frustrating process, but I was able to do it.  I even remember the first time I had an optimistic thought float through my brain; I was so shocked that I actually looked around to see who said that.

In my current reality, I am a strong and positive force for good.  I radiant happiness, because I see so much joy in the world and in myself, which in turn gives me the chance of brighten someone’s day rather than tear it down.  

No matter which reality you choice to own, you attract more and more of it into your life.  I choose to see your potential and assist you in seeing it for yourself.  I choose to be happy and to feel joyous, because every day is a great day.  What is your reality?

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world.

Many Blessings,



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7 thoughts on “For Real

  1. Thank you for liking two of my most recent post
    Truly enjoyed this post
    Very inspiring
    All the best, Jenny

  2. Thank you for your supportive comments on my site, and I applaud your goal of spreading your joy for life to others.

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