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Listening to God

Once I was firmly on the path to being a positive force for good, I felt the need to get right with God.  I had spent years being ticked off at God, because my life wasn’t meeting my expectations and well I wasn’t getting what I felt was my due.  I was so spiritually immature that I thought that God owed me, because I had put up with a lot of crud in my life.

I perceived my life as one blow after another; all effecting my spirit, my heart, my mind and to my physical being.  There didn’t seem to me much good happening between each blow, so I changed from a giggling child who always had a smile to an adult full of rage and who always had something sarcastic to say.  I didn’t understand that the old saying “It’s all good” was true.  I was living in a black and white world; either it was bad or good; there was no in-between grayness.  What a horrible way to live.

Being ticked off at God, because I wasn’t getting what I wanted,wasn’t working so I while I worked on my attitude.   I started talking with God instead of at God.  I would have liked being able to tell you that I listened to God and did what I was directed to do, but I cannot make that claim; at least right away. It was nearly a decade after I opened up and started having chats with God, before I realized that labeling every experience in one of two categories, good or bad, was holding me back from having spiritual growth.  It’s ALL good.

Sometimes it takes years before I learn the reason why a particular situation needed to happen.  In other posts I’m sure I’ll talk about some of these insights. I wrote a journal entry in April 2012 called “The Gift” that gives an example of a situation that very easily fit into the “bad” label, but it turned out to be totally “good.”

Life is good!  God is great! All is right in my world.

Many Blessings,


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